What Color is Love Today?

There is something about the quality of sunlight in this part of the world that fascinates me.  I think it has something to do with the combination of being 33˚ N (the same Latitude as Casablanca), a fairly dry climate, and right next to the Pacific Ocean.  Perhaps these factors converge to give the landscape a certain luminosity I’ve not experienced in many other places I’ve traveled.   A 1914 art magazine described this region as a plein air painter’s “Land of Heart’s Desire.”

In any case I found today so lyrical in the way light was dancing on all sorts of things, from the most ordinary household pipe to the brushstrokes on Lisa Rainey’s painting in our living room.  It was like the Creator’s blush of joy over all that He has made.  So although this will not do it justice, I offer the following as a fleeting glance of appreciation at the Color of Love in my world today:

5 thoughts on “What Color is Love Today?

  1. Rebekah says:

    Sigh, California. What a wonderful, dreamy place to be creating art. Love Baby Aaron working so hard to get his feet, there is a sense of triumph in that simple act. Love the seashells. Love how your home makes me think if the ocean and wish I was there.

  2. mindy faubion says:

    I agree. There is something so delightful in the sprinkling of light dancing across those things in life that we cherish. It’s like God saying He is in agreement that those things are cherishable, water, creativity, pattern, sound, life, HOME! Love the glimpse into your day!

  3. rebeccaannafaubion says:

    Thanks for your insights Mindy & Rebekah! I love the idea of coming into agreement with God about the little things that He made for such joy and delight! Love you guys!

  4. tricia says:

    The color of Laguna nars illuminating your face. 🙂

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