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The Dinner Party, a Poem

I do not have any photograph to remember the scene by

So words will have to suffice

To render what love it was to be with you, All

Around a table served with color, lights and spices

Where the candles of christmas glinted back to us

through life-sized figures, drawings framed in glass

And water filled our wineglasses but chai spiced our lips

And dreams after long drought lifted on wings of words

Hope sprung like fish flying over the mismatched dishes with gilded rims

And we believed in this, again: humanity, camaraderie, hospitality

Making room, like a womb, it’s such a wanted tune

A melody to make glad the soul, lost amid modernity

My Peace I give to you, but not as the world gives

Says Jesus at a table with His friends

Such peace as we might find on this winter night, despite

Tragedy that wracks our land like a calloused demonic hand

I know.

There is such a thing as light, and dark

And the two contrast each other and frame the door

The door filled with light

Come inside I say to my soul

Outside in the cold, my soul is weary of the youth-glorying facade,

the numbness of innumerable vanities,

the shallow trade-off for an illusion of power

For true art must always have true humanity

Let fall the mask, your voice, your face

Is beautiful in this light

Tonight, says the door leading to you all

We will see each other as a painter might

And this our palette, filled with myriad color but all is one

One color: the color of love