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October Brings Good News: 6 Reasons to Rejoice

Six things have happened since Rosh Ha Shana that give me good feelings about Hebrew year 5773:

1 – I started an Artist’s Way group with about 10 phenomenal women.  We meet downtown Laguna on Monday nights and each week I am amazed at the depth, courage and wisdom of these gals.  What’s more, I cannot wait for their creative endeavors to succeed:  we’re talking about original novels I would want to buy and read, a book of contemporary etiquette/cooking that re-invites sociability, a body of art using raw linen dyed in fantastic designs, a narrated collection of original photographs of Paris, and so on.  This is what Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way says about creative circles:

Artist’s often help each other.  We always have, although mythology tells us otherwise.  The truth is that when we do, very powerful things happen (p. 220).

2- I’ve begun a business plan for something I’ve dreamed of.  Something I went to Harvard to try to learn more about how to do.   I know it will come forth at its proper time and my heart is aflutter with its possibilities.

3- With the income from the Artist’s Way group plus some amazing discounts provided by my hero of an older brother (a tech support genius for Apple), I have a new laptop which I am at this moment utilizing with great alacrity.

4- We finally acquired a car with 4 doors!!!! No more backbreaking bending and twisting to toggle the increasingly heavy baby’s carseat into the back of our Scion hatchback.  Hallelujah!

5- The baby has learned to feed himself with a spoon.  This may not seem very important, but aside from being hilarious to behold (think pin the tail on the donkey…where is my mouth?  Sweetie pie, it’s not on your head. Nope, it’s not on the brick wall behind you either. There you go, open wide, bingo!) This signifies a growing trend of happy appetite from my hitherto reluctant consumer of solid foods.  The future prognosis: fuller tummy = longer periods of rest; mommy and daddy may once again know the pleasure of a full night’s uninterrupted sleep.

6- Aaron and I are going to New York City! I’m jumping on the band wagon of a powerful art opening to be installed by my painter friend Lisa Rainey and curated by former senior editor of American Artist magazine, Allison Malafronte.  This show, called Converge, is probably one of the most important exhibitions of the decade.  I feel dizzy in the strength of intuition’s pull that I go and be part – and for the wonderful opportunity to see my sister in law, author Rebekah Faubion, as well as Aaron’s uncle Nathan and cousin Sam, my college friend Mia Hall, and to meet up with Laguna’s own Sandra and Natasha Weir on the East Coast in fall glory.

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There is this amazing girl who I met years ago through an Artists Way group hosted at Rainey Fine Art Gallery. Jennifer Tenace is her name and her soul is deep and lovely. She’s living down in Chile as an English language teacher, and always, seeing the world through her unique lens as an honest, open, artistic soul. This post speaks to me and anyone I think who is finding that the real “groove” of life is finding ourselves ok with just being ourselves and receiving what life has to give us. Enjoy!

Chica Tranquila

Okay, so I’m really struggling to keep up with this blog and I can’t figure out why.  I love to write and I want to continue it.  But why can’t I make it come together as easily as it did, say, 6 months ago?  Every time I sit down to write, I find myself remembering to do things like pay for my storage space or worse…I dedicated an hour yesterday to skype Sallie Mae about my student loan payments….not to mention relentlessly checking the latest Facebook posts and finding new things to like.  Still, I am insistent on getting one more blog post in by June (and that leaves only one more day!).

I guess without being self critical (as I could call myself lazy)…I like to think that my circumstances have changed a lot from when I began writing on here.  Last year I suspect I used it more…

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