Entreat the Muse


Sometimes I get overwhelmed by my own ideas.  There is so much I want to do.  So much to live for.  So much to get creative about.  And there are days when I don’t know where to begin.  Today, finding myself in that place, I decided to just start drawing.  I worked on a demo I am making for my students in the Saturday Kids’ Atelier art classes I teach.  Tuned into some Brazilian jazz by Toots Thielemans  and tuned into my inner artist.  This is better than wine.  Better than chocolate.  Not quite as good as one of Ben’s kisses, but an OK second being as he is far away at work.  Anyway, to all my artist friends out there (and you writers too) please drop a line and let me know how you ‘stir the soup’ of your consciousness when it’s hard to focus.  I’d love to see any of your creations or best lines that came out of such a space.  Peace to you today.  And much love.


Aaron helped me stay inspired

Aaron helped me stay inspired

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2 thoughts on “Entreat the Muse

  1. Rebekah says:

    Love the final product you posted on Facebook. Gorgeous! Aaron is so stinkin’ cute. We had such fun hanging with him when he was here.

    • rebeccaannafaubion says:

      Thank you Bek! I loved the pics of the 3 cousins together last month! Can’t wait to see you all in December. And I am curious about your news…what is the film project? Huge hugs!

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