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Beauty Fills All Spaces

This post is a direct steal from my brilliant mother, watercolorist Bobbi Boyd, who wrote the following in an email this morning:

Today I read in ‘The Art Spirit” by Robert Henri, and something that caught my attention:

“Beauty is an intangible thing; can not be fixed on the surface, and the wear and tear of old age on the body cannot defeat it.

Nor will a “pretty” face make it, for “pretty” faces are often dull and empty,
and beauty is never dull and it fills all spaces


Where is beauty in your life this day? In the color of water or the gleam of someone’s smile? There is so much beauty all around us; the best kind is discerned first in the heart and only later by the eye and by intellect.

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Write Now

Write now
Before the tide of joy subsides
Before the voice recedes because you choose
Not to believe
Stop making excuses
Just for ten lines
Make believe
that you are of a unique wonderful weave
knitted in secret, in the deep places of your cells
and render true words that make light
of fear and self-rejection and the tender sad way of lethargy
Right now just write
before you say goodnight
and may the dreams you dream speak speedily
of love and hope and danger
on the other side of excuse
you have nothing to lose

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