Love in the Afternoon

It rained yesterday.  A real rain.  Not the half-hearted drizzle Southern California sometimes mistakes for rain, but the rat-a-tap-tap pour down on your tin roof kind of rain.  By afternoon, it had cleared up enough to reveal a glorious sunset between the palm trees.  But still, the cozy feeling of a rainy day persisted.  And by afternoon, I was in love.

In love with the easy comfort of home.  In love with the cute little piles of debris: baby rattle here, pacifier there, fabulously unmade bed, Melita coffee filter with its fragrant grounds, stash of watercolors and pencils, left over butternut squash lasagna with its vibrant orange color.  In the middle of it all was my son, laying on a blanket on his tummy, propped up on his forearms.  He’s building up the strength to roll over soon – a milestone often reached at 3-4 months.  He looked so adorable, little tushie and little legs, struggling to keep his head and shoulders off the floor.  And when he started to tire from the exertion and cry, I picked him up and we danced, and danced.  On the rainy day, to the tune of flamenco guitar by Ottmar Liebert.

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5 thoughts on “Love in the Afternoon

  1. Brings a tear to my eye. So tender, so beautiful!

  2. such a beautiful picture. I love how you notice everything with an eye of appreciation.
    I knew you when you were young! If you come to my blog you’ll see some of your art hanging on my wall! I am so happy for you!

  3. Now there’s a great idea! When he cries, pick him up and DANCE! That should also get a good “burp” up and then……he can take a little nap. All Moms should try this little technique. I love your Blogs Rebecca; can’t hear and see enough of my adorable Great-Grandson, precious little Aaron. Enjoy him every minute of his little life; they grow up sooo fasssst. Keep me posted on his progress, AND his pics!

  4. jean says:

    Absolutely sweet! Enjoy your dear baby all the moments you have him, because they grow up much too fast.

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