A Song for Shabbos

The creek by Geronimo Park, a wonderful playground in our new neighborhood

The creek by Geronimo Park, a wonderful playground in our new neighborhood

It has been eleven days since I left Laguna Beach, and California, my beloved native land.  But I find myself in a high place surrounded by trees and birdsong, and I am home.  Our new address in the Austin hill country is like a cross between Bluebird Canyon in Laguna and Mount Hermon, in the Santa Cruz mountains.  We’ve been baptized by a mighty southwest thunderstorm, and we are home.  The kids are playing with Brio trains on the floor (well, Aaron plays and Tovah sits and watches on) and we are home.  My mother in law Mindy is preparing a delicious meal while I stand at the breakfast bar and type, and we are home.

To all of you who touched my life in California, I miss you profoundly and think of you often.  To all of you who have blessed our move with strong arms and warm welcome, thank you, you are so wonderful!  Most of all, to God my Savior, thank you.  You have always been my Guide and you have brought us safely to this new haven.  Your presence is the joy of my life.  No matter where I go, You are the One who makes hearth and home.

The last Friday I was in Laguna, Pastor Jay Grant of Church by the Sea organized a beautiful send off.  In the little “upper room” where so much of my life in Laguna began, Pastor Jay and others surrounded me with prayers and affirmations of love.  I was moved by the remembrances of these dear people.  Pastor Jay even brought forth a poem I wrote years ago – and forgot!  What struck me was the way that the Upper Room and the people of Church by the Sea had been the catalyst for a whole period of my life in which I wrote poetry and plays, participating in the creative life of worship of a truly artistic church.

It seems fitting tonight, as we enter into Shabbat in this our new home, to share this poem with you.

Come East, Come West

(a psalm for the Bridegroom)

Come East, Come West

Sister Water, Brother Fire

Ageless stars, Eternal ones!

High above our planet floor.

May I sing with you tonight?

May my mind perceive these thoughts 

Too beautiful for me

Heaven is your throne O Everlasting Father

Your Voice is the speed of Light

Your passion undoes the grave

O King of the Mysteries

Be extolled, be exalted, be blessed

By every creature here below

From this earth I cry to You

Maker of Sea and Stone, Glass and Fire

The thundering speed of the Stallion

The graceful leap of the Doe

The spirited songs of Sparrows rising

The noble strength of the Bear

You are the Poet of the Universe

The Father of Night and of Day

You shall train my hands for war

You shall teach my heart to fear

You shall speak such love inside me

And I will love you here:

With all my Mind, with all my Soul, with all my Strength

Blessed be your Name in all the Earth.

4 thoughts on “A Song for Shabbos

  1. lagunamary says:

    delighted to find you here this morning

    • Thank you for this sweet comment Mary – I haven’t been able to crack open this blog since I wrote that post back in May. Whoosh! But now that Aaron’s in preschool I may begin to have a regular writing time. Love to you!

  2. mindy says:

    So beautifully written from the heart. Welcome to Texas!

    • Dearest Mindy, thank you so so much for this comment! I honestly have not had a second to re-open this blog since writing that post when you were visiting. You probably remember how Aaron was wailing and fussing as I was trying to type at the kitchen counter. I resolved then not to try blogging again until our lives settled down into a routine here in Austin – one that included preschool for Aaron and a little regular writing time for me. We’re into the second full week of Aaron’s preschool – and I guess this is the first day I find myself writing again. It feels good. Hope you are well.

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