Recovering a Sense of Wonder

View from Heisler Park this morning

View from Heisler Park this morning

See the long shadows from the palm trees?  Long shadows and crisp salty air means a special morning in Laguna.

I am on a walk with my son.  It’s been one of those rare moments when awe strikes me.  Unexpectedly, fleeting as it is, but real awe all the same.

I was lying on the couch between 6 and 7 am, hoping to eek out a few more minutes of sleep.  Aaron toddles over and stares at me with these curious eyes, so full of his own personality now.  Tracing my nose, thinking his thoughts.  Amazing.  I get to thinking: two years ago you barely existed!  You were a tiny embryo, woven together in perfect structural order, cell by cell.  Now here you are, running, walking, climbing, choosing, delighting.  Talking fluently in your distinct form of proto-English.  You are a miracle!  A downright miracle!

Now we are strolling by the seashore.  Morning mist recedes over crisp, blue-grey tides.  A flock of gulls rests on the surface of the water about a hundred feet out.  Two treasure seeker comb the sand with their metal-detecting devices.  Aaron cries out gleefully at some kids playing in the “Tidepools” (Laguna Beach’s newly built playground).  Soon enough he’ll be running about here himself, climbing up the kids’ version of the iconic lifeguard tower, or playing pirate as he scampers over a crustacean encrusted rope bridge.  But for this moment, in the clear air of morning, I’m exceptionally grateful for Aaron’s chilled out vibe.

If I were a bird I would burst into a love song right now.  I love you Laguna Beach!  I love you life!  I love you Today!  Blessed Friday!  Blessed breath!  Blessed heartbeat!  I’m alive today and I feel it.  I cannot summon words to express all this joy.  Thank You Abba, Father, Creator of Life!  Shabbat comes tonight…may Your whole creation rejoice together with you as we enter into this Restful Delight!


View of the new playground, with downtown Laguna Beach in the background

9 thoughts on “Recovering a Sense of Wonder

  1. Rebekah says:

    I have so missed you on the blogosphere. We had a blessed Shabbat tonight with my brother and his wife who live in Israel. It was truly God-affirming. 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    This was so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your beautiful morning in Laguna with us. I needed this today!

    • rebeccaannafaubion says:

      Aw! Thank You Lisa! You are such a joy and an encouragement! I can’t wait to see more of your “modigliani portraits” this year!

  3. Claudia says:

    I love how you can paint with colors and with words! The sense of gratitude is tangible!

  4. Jackie says:

    I so enjoyed sharing your morning walk with Aaron! I could hear the gulls and smell and ocean. Amazing, gratitude feels just like joy! God is so clever, he gets us coming or going.

    • rebeccaannafaubion says:

      Yeah God! Thanks for reading and for your joy and empathy Jackie! Thank you for the wonderful role you played in helping the miracle of Aaron come into the world!

  5. Karen Deborah says:

    Love this post and have missed seeing you. Your a wonderful mama have you got the new baby hankers yet?

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