Beating the Heat


September is a playful month. It presumes to promise Fall-the cool, crispness of air, the fresh unfolding of a new school year. Rosh ha Shana being around the corner I am amped on this season and the sense of new beginnings held out like a crisp green apple dipped in honey. Except that for days now September has played me for a fool!

Today Ben and I grabbed baby Aaron and drove to San Diego. It’s become a little ritual for our anniversary. Go south and buy a special piece of art or pottery from an artists village in Balboa Park. But we were unprepared for the hundred degree weather and the dearth of shade. Our picnic melted and we hung out in the air conditioned art museums.

Still, art was found. We bought some small, incised cylindrical vases from a favorite potter named Doug Snyder. And I found fresh inspiration in a Russian born painter, Igor Koutsenko. But the best art was the conversation – with Ben as we drove, sharing our artistic goals for the coming year – and once home, with the baby. Ok, the baby doesn’t talk yet in the grown up sense, but he’s very conversational. He wanted to draw and make a tent out of a giant brainstorm page I made. So out come the crayons and in comes the fullness of fun. Leave it to the baby to help me get my art supplies out and begin to draw!




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4 thoughts on “Beating the Heat

  1. Rebekah says:

    Aaron is so deliciously chubby. Sam does the same thing for me a lot. He’ll break my focus enough that I can actually be creative. He also reminds me to get outside my head for a while, which is super helpful in creating anything.

  2. rebeccaannafaubion says:

    Thank You! I’m so glad we have our little guys to make us laugh,smile, and regain a sense of delight.

  3. Lisa Morrison says:

    Love your writings and the picture of Aaron. I think he is such a creative little guy, great to see he has his hands in the art supplies already. I absolutely love Igon’s painting of the girl with the ships. The style and the model remind me so much of you! It inspired me so much, I would love to see more of his paintings.

    • rebeccaannafaubion says:

      Thank You Lisa! I had totally been thinking of you when I saw Koutsenko’s work…I really really wanted to buy one of his etchings, and he had samples of his sketchbooks framed as well. It was such a refreshing window into an artists’ imagination and a freedom to create in more of a folk art style. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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