The Creative Everyday

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How do you nurture your inner-artist when your day is full of unglamorous tasks like diapering and laundry and scrubbing the kitchen sink?  One idea is to make your world (including your laundry room, kitchen, sleeping area, etc.) a place that inspires.

Here’s a few things I love:

  • A beautiful tin and the aromatic contents of Peet’s Winter Solstice Tea (available only this time of year)
  • Shadows cast by small bowls and bits of pottery on the tile
  • Original art by high school senior (at the time I bought it) Natasha Weir.  Hanging over the stove like a port hole on a ship
  • A painting of Crystal Cove on the kitchen wall I painted turquoise
  • A framed photograph of my German grandmother at 19
  • Whimsical clay cups Ben and I bought from an artist in San Diego
  • Radishes and chard sprouting from seed and beginning to look ready for harvest in the garden
  • Walking to the grocery store and nesting the purchases around Aaron in his stroller
  • Putting paint brushes in glass jars and storing them in the laundry room
  • The new bright blue label on Trader Joe’s plum tomatoes
  • Discovering a new way to make Mexican hot chocolate

I’d love to hear from you…where do you find the “creative” in your hum-drum life of everyday?

9 thoughts on “The Creative Everyday

  1. Jackie says:

    Ah, Being in the Moment! How wonderful for you. The Spirit within you rises to the challenge. Guard this with your life because it IS your life. I still wish for one more hug, one more bedtime story . . . bit that is not MY moment. Loving your blog,

    • rebeccaannafaubion says:

      Thank You Jackie! What a great way to describe it: your home as “a sanctuary and everything within it a sacrament.” There is such a sacred peace we can experience when we slow down and really savor our environment and the simple every day duties fulfilled with great love. But like you said, it’s hard to remember to stay in that place of surrender! Maybe that is why we have to remind ourselves and each other as fellow artists. Love to you.

  2. Jackie says:

    another thought about balancing the mundane chores . . . I finally struck on the idea of offering each task up as an offering, like a Japanese tea ceremony or Brother Lawrence peeling potatoes. . . my home as sanctuary and everything within it was a sacrament. It worked beautifully to center and surrender me in the moment (the 10% of the time I remembered to use it).

  3. mindy says:

    ahh… the mundane! There are times when I just give thanks for a mundane moment. Life goes by so fast that before we know it we are looking back and wondering where the time went. Finding joy in the everyday tasks of life can be a challenge sometimes especially if you’ve had a hard night. If I’ve had sleep I can usually find a place of peace in the mundane… if not, well the mundane can be overwhelming. Thankfully Aaron is getting to a place of sleeping longer at night and that makes for a happier mommy! You can smile at the dirty dishes and loads of clothes waiting paitently for you to pay them attention. I learned to be less expectant of what “needed” to be done that day and would try to just enjoy the moments with baby that go by way to fast. Enjoy them as long as it is today!

  4. mindy says:

    one more thought… take pictures… look for a different way the light shines on your laundry or the bubbles in the sink… always keep your eyes open for that “art” moment that you can capture on camera for a later day that will come before you know it that you can paint it. Start a painting file of things that capture your interest that you might paint someday. keep a sketch book handy. Simple quick sketches can fulfill a creative outlet!

  5. mindy says:

    yes I like this format better!

  6. Lisa Morrison says:

    This is just so inspiring Rebecca! I have been so busy these days that all of my art supplies have been shoved in my room and under lots of boxes and I can’t get to them now until I arrange a place to set them up.
    I love seeing the simple pleasures that you have taken the time to not only talk about, but show us, like we get to be on an intimate tour of your beautiful home. Thank you, thank you!
    It IS our sanctuary, and every day there are things we can stop enjoy, experience and thank God for.
    Yesterday after a long day of work, and dealing with this nagging cold, I was discouraged that I haven’t had time to create. A friend of mine gave me a call from the library and told me he had something to share with me. I invited him over and he told me about the ornaments he and his family used to make out of egg shells. They would blow out the yolk from tiny holes and paint them or shake glitter on top, cut out a window and glue little scenes inside.
    I suddenly got my energy back, and after dinner we laughed at the kitchen sink as we tried to make tiny holes at the top and bottom of our eggs, then blowing on them and looking at our cheeks explode like Dizzy Gillespie! We carved our windows out carefully with an exacto knife, and layered a thin layer with glue. Tonight I look forward to getting out my paints, and beads to decorate these tiny shells, making treasures for the tree. Mainly it warms my heart that once again these simple projects can bring such joy and shine creativity on us.

  7. melanie says:

    I love it! What a lovely world you guys live in!

  8. you would really enjoy the book, “One Thousand Gifts,” by Ann Voskamp. She has 6 children and homeschools. More than that she is a poet and sees the mundane as something to stop and notice and worship God for. She can turn a collander of spaghetti into a momment of poetry and praise.
    I would suggest to you that there is no mundane. The acts of folding clothes and wiping counters are moves in the dance of our lives. Each of those small actscontributes to the larger whole, the place we call home. Each home is a unique expression of it’s artist and a place of sanctuary to those who live there. It is a glorious joy to be a woman and a mother, the keeper of your hearth. You are doing an inspirational job. *claps hands for joy*

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